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Dressed in Denim: Top Three Styles


Every fashion forward wardrobe needs at least three pairs of jeans. Your denim wear forms the basis of so many key outfits that it’s crucial to have the basics at hand, in preparation for an unexpected fashion crisis or a spontaneous weekend away. It’s not about the amount of money you spend on your jeans and it certainly isn’t about the designer label they come with - jeans from New Look can look every bit as good as some of the top end varieties - but it is about how they fit and make you feel, so once you’ve decided which styles your wardrobe is missing you can start shopping for the right brand for you. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of our top three denim-wear styles:


1.  The black skinny jean: This has to be the most versatile of them all. You can wear your black skinny jeans with a silk blouse and heels for a great girls’ night out look. Or you can team them with your best slouchy jumper and converse trainers for a laid back, weekender look. Or, if you find a pair that’s smart enough, you can dress them up with a collared shirt and jacket and wear them to the office. In a word: indispensable.


2.  The loose-fit comfy jean: Jeans are often the staple wardrobe item we return to time and time again when we just want to be comfortable while still looking cool. Every girl needs a great pair of loose-fit jeans, with just the right amount of give and retaining just the right amount of figure hugging prowess.


3.  The straight leg jean: Whilst skinny jeans are a product of our era, rarely has the straight leg jean been out of fashion. Flares, boot legs, peg legs and cropped styles have all had their moments in the spotlight but, when it comes to a classic sense of style, the straight leg trouser is almost always a safe bet. Pick a dark and neutral colour and a waist height that flatters your figure for a wardrobe staple that will last you a lifetime.

With Love From Your Daughter


Calling all daughters: It’s fast approaching Christmas Eve and you’ve yet to find something for your Dad. Your Christmas shopping habits have become somewhat predictable over the past few years, particularly where your Pa is concerned, and you’re keen to break the cycle. That said, the longer this gift hunt goes on the more tempted you become to break your resolution and go for the chocolates he loved so much last year or a new shirt like the year before that.


Sound familiar?


Part of the reason that the men in your life are often so tricky to buy for is that they give very little away. Us girls, we’re used to dropping hints, leaving clues or just coming clean and telling the men in our lives exactly what we want, but rarely are our dads so inclined. With this in mind, it’s time to employ your best detective skills to figure out what’s on his secret wish-list this year with our new approach to gift ideas for men.


It’s amazing what you can do with a little tactical conversation. ‘What are you reading at the moment?’, ‘what are your plans for 2012?’, or ‘how’re you getting along in the new kitchen?’ are all questions that could send you off in a variety of great gift buying directions.


Alternatively, seek advice from those closest to the man in question. Chances are you moved out several years back and have since lost track of your dad’s gym habits, gardening schedules and favourite cookery books. But those who are still in his domestic environment are sure to have a few words of wisdom to offer.


Need further incentive? House of Fraser are running a social campaign this year to boot everyone up a gift shopping gear. The website features stories of memorable gift failures, giving us all a good reason to aim for better this year.

If you enjoyed reading this, please have a look at my guide about more Christmas gifts for men here:




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